About art


If I ask you which is the purest form of art,

What would you be inclined to say?

Would you say it’s LITERATURE

As your mind travels away?

Would you say it’s MUSIC,

As it makes your soul sway?

Or… would you say it’s DANCING

As it brightens your day?

Or… maybe you’d say it’s PAINTING

As you can’t look away…


In the end, what is art?








COLOR this fairy! 🙂

coour me


* you can use Paint, adobe, karita, sketchpad or any other tool

*How does your fairy look in colors?

*Want to color this pic? *Just let me know and i’ll send it via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram

*Once you send me back the image I’ll be able to promote you on my blog and on my Instagram account 

Looking forward to your drawing 😀