Posting poetry


Upon the moment of your posting,

The fears surrounding you may vary.

While clouds of doubt float all around you,

Read closely… there’s no need to worry.


‘To post, or not to post?’… That is the question

Beginners and veterans alike keep asking.

‘Is it unique, poetic, scientific?

Or another post… just like so many others?’

But after lots of days of hardship

And intense struggle with themselves,

The keyboard warriors must stand strong

And face the virtual trolls and elves.


Despite the time and work invested,

The carefully selected words

Will trigger various reactions,

Or go unnoticed… or ignored.


Many will hate and many will love

Whatever is that you are posting.


Patience is what keeps you above,

While perseverance makes the difference.


Creativity… imagination… knowledge…

Bright ideas… words of wisdom…

The blogger enrolls in the art’s college

And slowly builds his online kingdom.


About art


If I ask you which is the purest form of art,

What would you be inclined to say?

Would you say it’s LITERATURE

As your mind travels away?

Would you say it’s MUSIC,

As it makes your soul sway?

Or… would you say it’s DANCING

As it brightens your day?

Or… maybe you’d say it’s PAINTING

As you can’t look away…


In the end, what is art?